Art of the spin doctor

Spin doctors are experts and using available evidence to tell any story. The best disguise the fact that they're carefully crafting a conversation to push their agenda and make you want to believe. Here are some tells:

  • Deflect: When asked an undesirable question, the spin doctor answers with something tangentially related, but never sounds defensive.
  • Dismiss: When asked directly about facts, the spin doctor dismisses the stated facts as inaccurate or unreasonable. In bold cases, a spin doctor may share a "corrected" version of the facts. The calm and resolute demeanor dare you to disagree.
  • Detail: Often a spin doctor shares anecdotes. By sharing small details, the stories feel credible. In other circumstances, the spin doctor may avoid talking about specifics all together.

Always maintain a healthy level of skepticism. The world is messy. Things don't usually fit neatly together.