Repurposing old laptops

If you have an old laptop sitting around that still works, you should consider donating it to folks who are less privileged in your community (e.g., refugees). Without an internet connected device, it's difficult to get established or even to find opportunities. Potential e-waste can be a life changing gift.

Previously, I've had a couple reservations about giving old computers away:

  1. I'm not 100% sure that I have a copy of all the data since I don't copy everything to my new computers.
  2. I have sentimental attachment / I wonder if certain computers may become valuable antiques (e.g., original iBook).

If it's just the first case, go buy an external hard drive so you can be confident that you won't lose any data. Then, re-image your machine and give it away. You'll be doing your community and the planet a favor.