Using names in conversation

When someone unexpectedly remembers my name, I'm pleasantly surprised and likely to afford that person the benefit of the doubt. But, this only works to a point because if it seems unnatural, I become suspicious of an ulterior motive. While it's nice being reminded that people know who I am, anything beyond that just feels gratuitous.

Ideally, I'd quickly learn people's names and never forget them, but that's woefully unrealistic. As a result, I've trained myself to be comfortable talking without using names. While slightly awkward, I figure it's preferable to using the wrong one.

To get better at remember names, I need to more proactively ask for reminders before it's no longer socially acceptable. One trick that's worked for me is to reintroduce myself; people then reflexively reintroduce themselves in return, giving me another opportunity to hear their names.