Transparency cures misunderstanding

Unless you've talked directly with someone about a disagreement, it's likely you're having a misunderstanding due to lack of information.

  • Don't assume people know all of the facts.
  • Write things down as you discuss them to ensure you're using a common vocabulary.

I find that in the process of talking through a decision making process step-by-step, there often isn't significant disagreement. Emails and texts are easily misunderstood. Small differences are exaggerated as they're passed from one person to the next. Try to meet in person so your can read body language. Innocuous messages like "please send me xyz" can be easily misinterpreted as demanding or passive aggressive when read out of context.

Transparency is your friend. By communicating early and often, you can avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. Trust that people will agree with your reasoning when given all of the facts.