To a good 5776

Shana tova. Some of my resolutions for 5776:

  • Be explicit about gratitude. Too often, I assume that people know that I'm grateful for what they do. I need to do a better job of writing thank you notes.
  • Listen carefully. I need to be fully present when having conversations with people. This means putting my phone away and compartmentalizing other projects.
  • Live without fear of what others think. Growing up my mom always said, "we don't compare ourselves to other people." But, there are still times when I hesitate to start the dancing at parties.
  • Push myself out of my comfort zone. Being bad at things is hard. I need to keep trying/learning new things in order to grow.
  • Write everyday. I hope that this will help me distill my ideas and explain them more clearly.
  • Spend money on experiences.