Tiny Habits

To form a new habits, you need motivation, the ability to follow through, and a prompt to remind you to engage in your desired behavior. By starting small enough that it feels embarrassing, you can ensure that you can ensure that motivation is not an issue and guarantee that you have the ability to follow through, so the only thing you need to manage is a prompt.

For example, if I want to read every day, I can start by opening a book when I get in bed. I don't have to read, just open the book. Then, once I'm habituated to opening a book when I get in bed, I can start to grow the habit by reading a few pages. And soon enough, I'm reading before I fall asleep.

What is your next tiny habit going to be?

P.S. This is an iteration on my previous post on forming new habits after reading Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg.