Surgeon General warnings on technology

As people become increasingly addicted to consumer electronics, it's time for the Surgeon General to issue warnings about their potentially detrimental side effects. In the same way that scary labels on cigarettes are intended to get people to think twice about making unhealthy choices, these notices would remind people of how high usage may impact their brains (neuroplasticity) and the quality of their interpersonal relationships.

Given the prevalence of these technologies and their wide-spread effects, this seems like a public health concern that the Surgeon General should consider tackling. Though, with effects on both mental and physical health, it may be hard to measure. But even if there isn't unequivocal proof that this is the case, it can't hurt to remind consumers to mindful of how much they're using these products. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious.

h/t Alan Kay in his Hacker News AMA.