Should I carry an EpiPen?

I don't think I have any deadly allergies. But, bee allergies run in my family. Since I haven't been stung, I don't know whether I am too.

Anaphylaxis is scary. In serious cases, you only have a few minutes to treat someone before the airway closes. Recently, I've wondered whether I should try to start carrying an EpiPen in my backpack. Hopefully I'd never need to use it.

Unfortunately, this plan might be infeasible because buying an EpiPen requires a prescription in the US.

I worry that I wouldn't know where to find an EpiPen if I, or someone I was near, started having a reaction. People who are allergic to peanuts often carry EpiPens for this reason. While the probability of running into one of these life or death scenarios is extremely low, it can't hurt to be prepared.