Scheduling time to catch up

Scheduling time with one person is straight-forward, but usually I'm trying to do this with multiple people in parallel. Often I say, "I'm free from 1-5pm" to two people. Suppose my first friend responds, "Let's meet at 3pm." Usually, I agree to meet at 3pm. But then my second friend responds, "I'm free from 3-4pm." Now I'm in a pickle; I'll have to reschedule one of them, which feels inefficient.

Ideally this problem could be solved online without back and forth; it's not always feasible to have an in-person conversation. This summer, I experimented with Calendly to let people schedule time on my calendar. It's too bad this can't cluster my meetings by time and location.

I've since reverted to taking out my phone to find times manually during in person conversations. I'd appreciate tips on how to approach this.