Resigning well

Most people will quit at least once during their career. So, it's important to think about how to resign in a way that minimizes your chance of burning bridges. Here are some tips from class:

  • Make your resignation letter short and to the point.
I hearby resign. I'm joining XYZ. You can contact me at ___.
  • Don't make it personal, especially if you are leaving to work at a competitor. Be aware that you'll potentially be harming your former employer's business by working for their competitor.
  • Avoid exit interviews. There's no upside for you and employers know it. That's why some have started paying people to do them.
  • Don't give people excuses to be suspicious of your behavior. Be transparent and give people confidence that you're doing everything above board.
  • Be sure to date all communications.
  • Don't take files with you.