Ransomware claims seem vulnerable to fraud

As ransomware has become increasingly prevalent, people have started taking out insurance policies to protect themselves. But, how do insurers guarantee that claims are genuine / authentic? I'm concerned about the incentive for people to self-sabotage (i.e. deploying ransomware against themselves) when payouts become sufficiently lucrative. Unlike arson fraud, the underlying assets aren't necessarily destroyed; computers can be recovered if you wipe the hard drives and re-install everything.

But, because claims are presumably paid directly to the ransomware operator and not the policyholder, the fraud would be more difficult to orchestrate. In other words, there'd either need to be another party involved or an anonymous way for the policyholder to recover the money. While this may be a sufficient deterrent right now, given typical ransom demands, I worry whether this will continue to be the case as attacks become more aggressive.