Don't be afraid to ask for help

Time, money, and resources limit what we're able to accomplish. By delegating, we're able to extend our reach. In theory this should be simple, but relinquishing control so you can work on more projects at once takes practice.

Apprehension about delegation typically boils down to concerns that:

  • things won't be done the right way
  • you're imposing on others
  • the people you're asking for help won't follow through on their commitments
  • you'd prefer to be doing the task you're delegating
  • you won't get enough credit for the project

To overcome these mental barriers, start asking for help from people you know are better than you at particular tasks. Ease into it. There's no need for any drastic changes. Know where you can contribute most to a project and try getting in the habit of asking for help on the other things.