Default to using the name on my credit card

When I go to coffee shops, my interaction with the cashier usually goes something like this:

  • I place my order.
  • I'm told how much I owe.
  • I offer my credit card.
  • When asked for my name, the cashier gives me a pained look that says, "How do I spell that?"
  • The cashier is visibly relieved when I respond, "Like on my credit card".

If I ran a coffee shop, I'd default to assuming that my customers want to place their orders under the name on their credit cards. (Cashiers should still double check with customers because some customers may prefer to go by a nickname or a pseudonym, but I assume that's relatively rare.) By assuming that customers go by the name on their credit cards, coffee shops can make the ordering process feel highly personalized, even for infrequent patrons.