Binge watching

Netflix has us hooked on binge watching TV shows. It takes real self-restraint to not go into isolation and watch entire seasons at once. While I appreciate the instant gratification of being able to see how plots unfold without having to wait a week (or more) between episodes, part of me wonders whether we're losing some of the social aspects of watching TV shows.

Like with books, I enjoy discussing what I think the writers are going to do next with my friends. But, because there isn't any delay between episodes, I only have these discussion between seasons now. Effectively, this means that conversations are more focused on big themes than on small details.

Before binge watching, there was more room for late night speculation / interpretation. But now, I feel obligated to binge watch before I accidentally run into spoilers.

Disclosure: I'm probably going to binge watch the new season of House of Cards later tonight or tomorrow.