4D rides just aren't as fun

As stereoscopic films become increasingly realistic, theme parks are building more 4D rides. Essentially, they're 3D movies where the seats shake and occasionally you're sprayed with water and bursts of air to give the impression that you're interacting with what you're seeing. While I'm excited that these rides are the first steps towards a real-life holodeck, I wish that theme parks would have fewer of them; somehow they make me nauseous and dizzy in ways traditional rollercoasters never have.

But, despite my misgivings, I realize that 4D rides are here to stay. They do a better job of taking advantage of a park's proprietary content and are cheaper to build with lower liability. I can only hope that theme parks double down on the rollercoasters they decide to keep and that there'll still be rides that don't require 3D glasses.